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We bring innovation, speed, and quality through a full range of services.

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Dedicated, secure, and tailored bandwidth ensures dependable high-speed data transmission across regions. Our Wavelengths service boasts superior performance and extensive coverage, merging an advanced platform with unmatched metropolitan area accessibility. Our exclusive Wavelengths network offers a diverse infrastructure with quick setup times.


Optical Spectrum

We own and operate duct and fiber-based networks within urban areas and spanning regions. Our infrastructure empowers Service Providers to deliver high-speed broadband connections to end-users via our optical network, extending through the respective optical circuit right into the end-user's domicile. Our fiber lays down a secure foundational layer to accommodate our customers' escalating bandwidth requirements.



Facilitating the exchange of data between sites or data hubs, ranging from point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, to any-to-any configurations, our Ethernet offerings stand as top-tier, carrier-grade networking solutions leveraging latest technology. Catering to large enterprises transitioning from traditional networking frameworks to cloud-centric networking, we ensure enhanced bandwidth among crucial sites. Our Ethernet services are indispensable for carriers seeking end-user access or international data center links.


Data Center Colocation

As a comprehensive infrastructure provider, our offerings extend from Fiber to Ethernet and Internet services. We possess and manage data centers that are seamlessly integrated into our expansive network. These centers offer an optimal environment, ensuring unparalleled flexibility in the configuration of space, power, security, and connectivity options. Our facilities include industry-standard cabinets, secure cages, and advanced data center modules, catering to a diverse range of client needs.


Our Network